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Bugs & Limitations (suggested Improvements) in Data Studio

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Hello Everyone!


I have been using this awesome reporting tool Data Studio for over a month now. Just to point out a few bugs that I have come across so far:

  1. Date Range Control: It works absolutely fine but only till the time its used at a page level. Making the Date Range Control a "report level" functionality breaks it completely and becomes inactive.
  2. Border Color: Choosing a border color from the Style Menu is not completely feasible as while choosing the border color, scroll becomes inactive. Clicking on scroll, closes the border color option.
  3. Landing page Filter for Search Console Data Source: Applying multiple conditions in Landing Page Filter using Search Console as Data Source doesn't populate data. Using single condition works fine but as soon as we apply multiple conditions on Landing Page Filter data doesn't populate in the used data showcase element (graphs/charts/tables/scorecards)

Limitations or I should rather be saying improvements that can work well for Data Studio:

  1. Multiple Data Source in a single Data Presentation Element: As of now, we can only use a single data source in a Table/Chart/Graph but there are cases where user wants to compare data, say, from multiple Google Analytics Properties in one Table/Chart/Graph. Yes, we can use multiple data sources in a single report but if we can club multiple data sources into a single Data Presentation Element, it will be a great feature to have.
  2. Alignment option for Data in: Data is Right aligned in Data Studio Tables, there should ideally be an option to align them as center or left as well.
  3. Next & Previous Button: Next & Previous button at bottom of every page can be handy for users or I should say viewers of the report to Navigate better. 
  4. Theme Settings: If users can apply/change theme settings on a page level as well, it will be great. So for some pages where we are using Dynamic/Bright Colors, we can use the "Simple Dark Theme" whereas for other pages with some stats, we can use "Simple Theme".

What's Next?

If we can add a Image in Data Studio Report, we should have an option to embed Slideshows as well or we can have Animations added to Data Studio...


P.S.- Will be glad to get feedback on this and would love to know your inputs as well. Cheers!