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Bug report: Some date formats (still) do not work

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More than one month ago, I reported that some date formats do not work, or at the very least, only works half-heartedly. In particular, many of the formats which are provided by Google Analytics are not recognized, even though Data Studio implies that it does. For instance, if you select "Month of year" as a time dimension in GA, you will get something like "201611" for November 2016; however, Data Studio is unable to infer that this IS a valid GA date format, and sets it to be text. If I then try to force it by selecting type "Date" and "Year Month (YYYYMM)", it will grumble that this format cannot be recognized, but then if I insists, it will go ahead and apparently interpret it correctly anyway. 


I noticed that in the last update a few weeks ago, some new date formats have been added, however I feel it is an unwise prioritization to add new features when existing features stil do not work correctly. I would think it to be a no-brainer that all GA formats should be supported without manual intervention and grumbling.

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Re: Bug report: Some date formats (still) do not work

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Hi Kjell -- thanks for the feedback.


As part of the time series improvements from a few weeks ago we also addressed the old semantics that were previously treated as strings. Using your example, pulling "Month of Year" into a Data Studio time series will show the labels correctly (see screenshot below).


To take advantage of all the new improvements you will need to create a new GA data source and use that to power your reports / time series. Can you give that a try and let me know if you are still having problems? I also see that you posted another thread about time series -- do you have problems with these as well when using a new data source?