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Bug: "Make report-level"

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I found a bug with filters in Data Studio:

  1. My report has two pages. On Page 1, I have several filters including a date range one and a filter control one
  2. Right-click on both of those and select "Make report-level"
  3. Turn off Edit mode to go to View mode
  4. Now, I can only access those filters on Page 2. I see them on Page 1, but on hover it's only the arrow rather than the pointer icon. So, the filters are only clickable on Page 2 and not Page 1. My expectation is that they'd be clickable on both and would share the same selected values (e.g., select a date range on either Page 1 or Page 2 and both pages would match). Or, if that's not possible, I would expect the values to be only editable on Page 1 (where the filters were originally added) rather than only on Page 2



Bug: "Make report-level"

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I would first check if a filter was added to Page 1 within the page level data tab settings. If so, the page level filter may be conflicting with the report level filter control widgets, and removing the page level filter might fix thints. 

You may also want to make sure that the charts on page 1 and page 2 are all using the same data source. 

And you should probably make sure none of the charts are grouped with the filters and/or with each other. 

And you might want to double check the area around the filters on page 1 to make sure there isn't a transparent layer, like a transparent box, that is covering the filters.