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Bug in the "or statement" for filters

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I am trying to combine two different custom dimensions (CD) through an "OR statement" in a filter and found what i presume is a bug.
When I take out the two CD's seperately through filters I get a different value compare to if I join them in a singel filter. What I can see from breaking down the numbers it seems like when creating an OR filter on 2 CD's it will only count the cases where there has been an CD set, regardless if the filter demands it.



Page 1:
CD 1 = A
CD 2 = B


Page 2:
CD 1 = B
CD 2 = B


Page 3:
CD 2 = B


If I would in this case filter on CD 1 = A OR CD 2 = B my result would only display Page 1 and Page 2 as Page 3 don't have CD 1 (even though it matches the condition for CD 2).
This is a big problem and will severly limit the use of OR in filter. Hopefully this is a bug, rather then intended, and can be resolved within short.


Anyone who knows a workaround for this problem?