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App Analytics - Account vs Users

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I'm creating a dashboard in Data Studio for a mobile app and have been asked to show the following in a trend line;


How many of the people that have download the app create an account? (show by percentage, cumulative)


So the difficulty here is the "accounts" part as this is not a metric. You can only see how many accounts were created by tracking Screen Name = AUEmailVerified. This is the screen the user gets after verifying their email address for the account.


The downloads metric I use currently is "Users" as it's really the only option I have within Analytics.


So what I'd need to create is a calculated metric that does the following

Screen Name = AUEmailVerified / Users


Another possibility would be to show two lines (one trendline for the number of users cumulative and one for the number of accounts). In this way you could visually also see the difference on how many users actually create the account. This was my first inclination and the way I set it up was to have a


Time Series

Dimension: ISO Week of ISO Year

Metrics: Users, Unique Screen Name

Bar Chart Filter = Unique Screen Name Equals AUEmailVerified


However in this solution the users metric is also of course filtered on that screen name so you still can't see the difference between the amount of people that have download the app versus how many of those created an account.


Was wondering if I could somehow create the metric for "accounts" because then I could have a calculated metric for accounts / users.