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Adding a filter picker to a report

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This might be a simple question so apologies.  I have a report consuming google analytics data for multiple intranet sites.  I have created a number of pages which are each filtered by a page filter 'include field contains x'  where the field I am using is 'page' and x is simply part of the very long page path which contains the country name.  e.g. Mysite-Japan.  It is working fine with an index page that takes the user to the respective page for each country site - but the report is now 14 pages.


 I can't help feeling it would be a lot better to have a single page with a drop down where the user could select which page filter to apply - in effect a 'filter picker' or a 'filter filter' !


Am I approaching this the wrong way?  I have tried adding a filter control to the first page and creating a new dimension which picked out the parts of the page urls (effectively duplicating each page filter) but I cannot work out the REGEXP_EXTRACT function.


Any ideas gratefully received