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What if I have more business goals than there are Goal Slots available?

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Before you set up Goals, you should have a strategy for which macro- and micro-conversions you want to track. You can organize macro-goals into one or more groups and organize micro-goals separately into their own groups.


Think about how long you’ll want to track this goal. If it’s a short-term or temporary goal, think about creating a separate view to track those kinds of goals. You can also create as many views as you need to track similar types of goals.


Don’t forget that, although you can’t delete a goal, you can mark it inactive or you can edit the goal to repurpose it for a new goal you wish to track. Keep in mind that any data you have previously tracked for that goal will still exist in your reports, so if you no longer wish to track that goal, make it inactive and rename that goal with “inactive” in the title to avoid confusion.

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