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Tip: Use Goals to get alerted when users land on broken pages on your website

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You can use Goals in conjunction with Analytics Alerts to send you notification when users encounter a broken page on your website. First, go into the Goals section and create a Custom Goal for “destination” using the address of the error page URL from your website. That way, every time a user hits that broken page alert, Google Analytics will track that as a goal.

Then set up an alert with the following settings:

  • Apply to: “New Visitors and Overall”
  • Period: “Day”
  • Check “Send me an email…”
  • Set alert conditions to apply to “All Traffic” and alert when “(select Goal you set up” meets the condition of “% increases by more than” for the value of “10%” compared to “same day in the previous week”


You can adjust any of these settings as needed for your particular business.

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