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How can I filter some of the pages from my website? For example, there are lots of job seeker come to my website to apply. I want to exclude these traffic.  


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Dear @Sharmin A Apu,

Hope you are doing great. Probably you are looking for an 'Analytics View' which includes all traffic but excludes the people who are visiting your Internship page or some other pages. 


You can easily exclude those visitors from your Analytics view. Here are the steps:


1. You need to create a filter: You need to create a filter in your analytics account which will exclude the visitors of your 'Internship' page. To do this, please click 'Admin' gear icon and click 'All Filters' from the account level. Now set a Filter Name, Please select Filter Type 'Predefined' then select 'Exclude' from the drop down menu. From the next drop-down menu please select 'traffic to the subdirectories' and then 'that contains'


Now put your subdirectory URL which you want to exclude. 


2. To get the new filtered view in Analytics: Again, please click 'Admin' gear icon and click 'view', Create your new view and add your filter to the new view. 


You are done. Enjoy!