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Age and Gender

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I am going thru the study material of Advanced Google Analytics course - In lesson Google analytics data collection ......... google mention that analytics collect data like 

  • a user’s location;
  • specifics about their browser, operating system and service provider;
  • their age and gender;
  • and the source/medium that referred them to a site.

I don't no how google analytics collect data of user age and gender ...........how can analytics know user age and gender with help of java code .




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April 2017

Age and Gender

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Hi @Ankur K :-)

how can analytics know user age and gender with help of java code .
analytics doesnt use java code.. it uses javascript.. 

they are not the same thing, however the two are often confused for each other

The Google Analytics Help Docs have some good info on how Google Analytics gets this type of info

The Help Center is a good resource and a good place to check first when you have questions.


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Age and Gender

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Hi Bronwyn 


Thanks for you reply.