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What are some useful ways to analyze data by applying Custom Dimensions?

Google Employee
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Google Employee
  1. If you collect a user category like “Membership Status,” add this to the New vs Returning report as a secondary dimension to see which customer designations return to your site more often. You can also compare the new vs returning sessions.
  2. You can also add a user category Custom Dimension to the Search Terms report to get an idea of what different kinds of users search for on your site. Filter the report to view each user group separately or export into a spreadsheet for even more in-depth analysis.
  3. If you  associate content with authors, add a Custom Dimension of author to see which authors get the most pageviews or page engagement. Sort by additional metrics such as bounce-rate to get a better idea of which authors engage users the most.

Can you add any additional ways to analyze data to share with your fellow students?

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