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What are some useful Custom Dimensions that I can create?

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Different businesses can use Custom Dimensions in different ways to collect the data they need:


  • A Content Generation site could use Custom Dimensions to track authors of posts to look at that author’s performance across the site. Similarly, they could track categories, tags, social shares, or comments on articles. They could also collect which users are using ad blockers and compare their overall behavior and conversion rates with those that don’t have blockers.
  • An Ecommerce site would generally use Enhanced Ecommerce to capture the dimensions they need. But they could also use Custom Dimensions to collect additional dimensions like visitor ID, product view (with SKU), customer value over time, product availability, and checkout account type (guest account, social network account, etc.).
  • A Lead Generation site could use Custom Dimensions to collect whether an individual is a lead from a website, has subscribed to your newsletter, is an RSS subscriber, has clicked a promo offer, or demographic information that you collect from an online form.
  • A Self-Service site could track different service or support levels (like Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.). They could also track whether the user contacted support previously, whether they submitted a complaint or issue, or downloaded a help article or guide.


Are there other Custom Dimensions we’ve missed? Post some of your own ideas for discussion with your fellow students.

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What are some useful Custom Dimensions that I can create?

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It is common to have a support person to impersonate the customer and take action.  In this case, a session dimension can be if this is a user or support.

Create custom parameters for lead gen sites

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i have a lead generation website and i need to create Custom Dimensions to collect whether an individual is a lead who has


1. subscribed to our newsletter

2. has clicked a download pdf offer

3. is either an enterprise/agency/smb/startup ( i have different thankyou pages for each of these users)

4. Interacted with our bot (DRift)

5. Scheduled a meeting (Calendly)

6. called us on our number

7. sent us an email directly

- So do i need to create separate custom dimension for each of the above conditions?
- which ones would be a hit, session or user scope?
- what changes would i need to make in the javascript code?

my javascript code is for user is below:


var dimensionValue = 'SOME_DIMENSION_VALUE';
ga('set', 'dimension3', dimensionValue);


(Copy the following code snippet for your platform. DO NOT FORGET to replace dimensionValue with your own) - what will be the dimension value??

- will the javascript code be applied to the analytics code or just at the header of all web pages?