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How can I get Unique visitors (users) for a specific page ?

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Hi everyone...

I’m trying to find a way how can I get the unique visitors total (users) of the home page.. just of the home...


I know how to find the users in GA... However that number is the whole web site number... So I went to behavior... landing pages or all content but in there I can just see the unique pagesviews. 


Also, I’ve tried to segment to new users and recurrent users but that number isn’t a 100% because recurrent user can be a new user in the same period of time.


So, I don’t know how can I get that number...


Any help or advice

How can I get Unique visitors (users) for a specific page ?

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Hey @Marliese M


You can get that number by creating a custom report where you can chose "User"

as a metric and "page" as a dimension.


Hope this is helpful.

Re: How can I get Unique visitors (users) for a specific page ?

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The best way to approach this problem is as follows:

Sign in to your account.

Go to Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

Make sure you have set the period/dates to your requirement.

Use the filter above the data table to sort the results based on your homepage. Enter the URI of your homepage (usually /home if not ask your developer).

If you cannot find the URI then on the top-left of the data-table you will find Primary Dimensions and there click on the link "Page Title". Once loaded again sort the page according to the title of the page. It is easy to find the title of your page either through inspecting the page or just by hovering on the tab your website homepage is open.

Once you have found the homepage, then click on the "secondary dimension" drop-down and select "user type". (Just start typing in the search bar and you will come across it.)

The new users are the number of unique visitors as tracked by analytics.


Now these reports are affected by the way the cookies are placed on the users device. So that is your only best bet to find the unique users.


Keep in mind though the new user count is limited by the following:

1. If a visitor deletes their cookies and comes back to the site, the visitor will be counted as a new visitor.

2. Same visitor using different browsers on the same computer.

3. Same visitor using different devices.


Hope this helps!

Robin John, Advertising Community
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