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Why did my sessions metric suddenly drop in Google Analytics?

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This is a very common question and it could mean that a significant event altered the traffic to your site.


First, check how your site traffic has been trending over the last few months. There will be natural ebbs and flows, so make sure that this increase or decrease isn’t outside of the range of normal traffic for your site. Also, keep in mind that many businesses may have seasonal traffic that can vary throughout the year. For example, most retail sites have larger volumes of traffic in December due to the holidays. Note that for months with fewer days like February, traffic will generally be lower.


If none of these apply, you can investigate further. You can plot your daily traffic over the last month and see over what time span the change took place. If the change in traffic occurred dramatically on one day, check to see if any changes were made to your site that could have affected your Google Analytics implementation.


Also, compare different metrics. If your traffic changed, this will often affect all of your site metrics. Whereas a technical problem may change the number of sessions, but not pageviews or bounce rates. You can also segment by device category or browser. If it’s a technical issue, it may be browser-specific. Make sure to look at the change history for Google Analytics to see if those dates coincide with the changes to your traffic.

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