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How to get the column users in the reports

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I am currently doing the Google Analytics for beginner - Basic Reporting class.
In the videos, for the Location under Geo report(tabular form), the columns under Acquisition are Users, New Users, Sessions.
Where as when i check in my demo account, I am seeing Sessions, %New Sessions, and New Users.
Please let me know how to get users in this report.



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How to get the column users in the reports

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Hi Swarna,


This is a reporting change that will be coming to all accounts soon. Google Analytics already supports the user metric across a number of standard and custom reports.  With this update, we are updating our users metric calculation to more efficiently count users and thus make it available more broadly across our standard reports (starting with the Audience and Acquisition section).  



Please see the Help Center article “How users are identified for users metrics” for additional information.




Katie, Analytics Academy team

How to get the column users in the reports

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Hi Katie,


Due to this reporting change, "Users" is now the far-left column in the report. Is there any way to change the order of the columns so that Sessions is on the far left again? As of now, some of my clients have received the change and others haven't, so when switching back and forth between reports, I often confuse the Users column with the Sessions column.


Thank you,