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Exercise Unit 2, Lesson 3 Analyze data by channel

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Can anybody explain why the right answer to question 2 > Under Conversions in the Multi-Channel Funnels Overview report, looking at “All” Conversions of the type “AdWords” using a 30-day look-back window, what was the percentage of total conversions for Direct traffic?


Is  23.92%


I think it must be 34,08% and I really don't know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you in andvance for helping me.

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Re: Exercise Unit 2, Lesson 3 Analyze data by channel

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Hi Marina,


You'll need to use the right date range, look-back window, type and "All" conversions to get it. Take a look at this picture:


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 22.23.47.png


You probably didn't choose the "AdWords" type that's why you're seeing 34.08%.

Hope this helps.

Exercise Unit 2, Lesson 3 Analyze data by channel

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Thanks for that, I was also getting very frustrated trying to figure out why the answer wasn't 34.08.  Can you also explain the steps to to answer the third question as I can't figure out how to find AW-Accessories!  Many thanks.

Exercise Unit 2, Lesson 3 Analyze data by channel

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