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non profit counseling center without a main office (satellite offices)

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What would be the best way to set up a Google Business with a business with the following structure:

a counseling "center" without a main office and instead many many satellite offices. So there is the "brand" then there are the members of the brand with about 50 locations in the region. It's important to grow the brand with Google, to not confuse viewers that there is one main location and to not manage every office associated with the brand.


So, I'm thinking that simply using the mailing address for the counseling center would work then being very clear in the business description to the effect of "with multiple locations throughout the..."

BUT, then this really keeps the brand limited in terms of Google maps and locations around the mailing address. Would it be feasible to have the main brand and then with Google dashboard enter all the addresses of all our offices (about 50)?


Looking for some feedback to help with the decision.


Thank you!

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Re: non profit counseling center without a main office (satellite offices)

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Hi @Erik E,


Thanks for writing! I would recommend taking a look at our guidelines--you may be eligible to set up listings for each of your centers, then also have a central brand page. Since you have more than 10 locations, you can also take a look at bulk location management as an option.


Let us know if you have any questions!




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Re: non profit counseling center without a main office (satellite offices)

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Thank you for the personal reply!!!

My situation as to the best way to utilize the product is still unclear
since it's pretty non-traditional. Making the right decision with Google
products will be be important so that consumers are clear on what/where we
can offer them.

As a San Francisco, non-profit, mental health services organization ( with a group of 40+ therapists in our
network, we want to make the best decisions that support our organization
and it's members in building business.

I'm wondering if there might be a way to further discuss the business I
represent and receive some guidance/feedback on Google business products as
to what might be the best decision. For example, could there be an
opportunity to come to the Google campus to meet with someone, or a phone
call or to continue an email conversation. My goal is to first optimize the
best way to represent the umbrella brand on google products and then teach
our group of 40+ interns the best way to use them to grow their business.

I look forward to any support/direction so I can best use Google products
to grow our non-profit.


Re: non profit counseling center without a main office (satellite offices)

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Community Manager
Hi Erik,

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I'm not able to arrange something like that. My best advice would be to check out our Help Center for more information on how to best represent your organization on Google.