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Total Removal of Google Business Listings from Google Maps

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Business Name: Co-wheels Car Club

Business address: 3a Sunderland Road, Gilesgate, Durham, DH1 2LH

Current telephone number: 0191 375 1050

Google+ URL:


Hi all,


Is it possible to remove listings from Google entirely, based on the fact that they should never have existed in the first place, and what is the process for this?


A bit of background on the situation:


Our business is a car club, which has cars places all across the UK for members to use. A former employee of the company somehow uploaded numerous car locations onto Google/Google Maps, and was signed into Google with a personal Google account at the time, so these "business locations" were claimed under his personal account, and a Google+ page automatically created for each "business location". I have since managed to claim these "businesses" back using a company Google account, so these are listed as locations within Google My Business.


As I understand it, a business location should be a physical place of business, i.e. an office/shop or similar, so these locations should never have existed on Google/Google Maps in the first place. We only have one physical business location (the address stated above), and as such we would like this to be the only location visible on Google/Google services - all other locations/Google+ pages, etc. need to be gone.


What would be the process to follow to reach this outcome?


At present, I understand the following with regards to reaching this objective:


- Locations can be flagged for removal via Google Map Maker, and these are then reviewed (e.g. by a regional lead), and acted upon based on their judgement. I do not think that this results in the permanent removal of the location, though, as a location was flagged and removed a couple of months ago, but is still visible on Google Maps. I suspect that this was because we had managed to claim the "location" after the removal, and it has since re-appeared. I don't know whether the removal of locations via this method will also remove their Google+ pages, or whether we will need to do this via our Google My Business account.


- We can delete the locations from our Google/My Business account, though I've read elsewhere that this does not result in the removal of the locations from Google Maps - the location is just no longer associated with our Google account.


- We can mark the "businesses" as being Permanently Closed. This isn't ideal, as this may misinform Google users by saying our business is closed, when it is not. The window to the right of the Google Search results page can show a big red "Permanently closed" bar, which I'd like to avoid if possible, as it doesn't look good for the business.


I think that requesting the removal of these locations via Map Maker may be the correct method of getting these locations completely removed, but I've not been able to find a clear process via Google support articles and research elsewhere.


If anybody is able to provide guidance for reaching this goal, I would be greatly appreciative.


Many thanks,





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Re: Total Removal of Google Business Listings from Google Maps

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Hi @Jack M


Firstly you need to remove from your account >> page settings >> delete.


You have zero content or reviews, so it may actually be removed entirely by deleting. If After deleting page from account it is still visible in maps after 7 days, contact business support.


Inform them that this is an online only business and should removed.







Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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