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Is there anyway I can actually talk to someone on the phone at Google about my business page?? Please call me at (630) 361-5011 I need to add multiple drop pins but to get the same search results. For example I  want to open up a second location in Arkansas and the first location is in Chicago but I want the people in Arkansas to know that when they search for Clear As Day pressure washing that they will see the reviews from the first page in Chicago but will also see that I have a second location in Arkansas.  Right now if I put a second drop pin in Arkansas it only links it to its own account not to my current account with reviews   I need both accounts linked together so that way the customers in Arkansas I would say that we are a reputable company based out of Chicago this way at the Dropped Pin for the business in Arkansas would already generate search results because of the reviews written on the Chicago page I just don’t know how to link that to Dropped Pin’s together can somebody please call me I’m not a fan of email

Tech help

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Hi Dennis,


Each listing is treated as a separate entity; just as hours can be different for each listing, reviews are also treated separately. Think about it: you might go to a chain restaurant, but the service and food at one might be VERY different than the service and food at another of the chain. For that reason they need to be seen as separate entities.


Best, David

Re: Tech help

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I understand, thank you.

Dennis Larson, owner
Clear as Day Pressure
Washing & SoftWash

Click link to visit our Google page: https://goo.gl/maps/McDtz4MXYuw
We offer a 2 year warranty against the mildew!!