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Sigh: GMB & Adwords giving a headache

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First: for Google Adwords location extensions is mandatory to use GMB locations/addresses. So were setting up a GMB  account and add the 250+ locations to this GMB account. As these locations are independent business we can't (and don't want) to verify these locations... all we want is to use them as locations extensions as they improve CRT and profitability. This GMB was set up as another (2nd) business account.


Second: we can't add a new location to GMB in the first business account, which has nothing to to with the second business account. As it turns out a GMB business account can't have more than 100 unverified locations. Uhhh? Since when? But first things first... moved the 250+ (2nd) business account away to another GMB from the 1st business account enabling adding a location to this 1st business account. 


Third: now we're stuck with the 250+ non verified locations in 1 GMB business account as we can't add new locations. Contacting support... (kind of) solution found. Create 3 email address: 1 for each 100 locations...

(BTW: the GMB support teams doesn't know and can't support Adwords, the Adwords team doesn't know and doesn't support GMB, Yet we're support to connect and work with both of them)


Fourth: as it turns out you can't synch more than one GMB account with you Adwords account, thus max 100 locations.


... Sigh.


All we want is to deliver the best possible value to our customer.


Stan vanderMaarel