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Multiple Physicians in Multiple Locations

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I handle the Google listings for a healthcare organization. We have many clinics with different specialties – because of this, some of the clinics have only a single provider and some have multiple providers.


From what I have read on the GMB help, the single providers should have a listing that combines their name with the clinic name (ex. Family Medical Clinic: Jane Doe, MD). Whereas the clinics with multiple providers should have a listing for the clinic itself (ex. Midwest Orthopedics) and a separate listing for each provider (John Johnson, MD; Joe Schmoe, MD, etc.).


However, we have recently opened multi-specialty clinics in other locations to which those same physicians travel on different days of the week. Do I need to create multiple listings for each provider – one for each location?


So, the listings would look like this?...

  • Family Medical Clinic: Jane Doe, MD – 123 First Street
  • Midwest Orthopedics – 456 Second Street
  • John Johnson, MD – 456 Second Street
  • Joe Schmoe, MD – 456 Second Street


  • Multi-Specialty Clinic – 789 Third Street
  • Jane Doe, MD – 789 Third Street
  • John Johnson, MD –789 Third Street
  • Joe Schmoe, MD –789 Third Street

Is that correct?



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Multiple Physicians in Multiple Locations

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Google guidelines around having differentiated practice and provider listings simply represent what you can do, not what you're required to do. If you want to market your providers and lead with that, you may want to add all the listings as you've described. 


However, if you'd rather focus on the practice locations, you can put all marketing and reputation behind those. 


If you have multiple providers at different locations, you'll want to either add no hours at all or make sure they are present at the hours indicated. That means each listing for the same provider must have different hours that don't overlap.

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