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Multiple Locations - Best/Proper Naming

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I'm struggling with how to best identify our locations across the Google network. I currently manage 520 train stations across the United States for Amtrak. In most cities there is only one station, but some cities have more than one and some metropolises have several stations close to each other, though are in different cities.


The question is should we name our stations simply "Amtrak" like Starbucks names all of their locations, or should we be more specific and name stations using the city name and location (Amtrak Buffalo Station, Amtrak Boston North Station, Amtrak Boston South Station, etc) like hotel chains (Hilton)?


Here are some or our station examples:

And for comparison:

Our current perspective is we need Amtrak in the name for obvious reasons, but also include some additional/specific location information to differentiate multiple nearby locations. But for cities where there is only one location, the additional information isn't necessary. This results in inconsistent naming.



Steve Alexander


Multiple Locations - Best/Proper Naming

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Hi Steve, 


Although our business model is different, we faced this same struggle about two years ago. We elected to go with the GMB recommendation of having the naming convention consistent across all 350+ locations vs having the "brand name + local qualifier".


Like your Metro Stations in Washington example, in several markets we have locations that are ~1 mile away from each other. One thing that has helped, while still keeping uniformity in our listings is that Google has been auto tagging "Located In" text to the listings, which helps consumers easily identify with the location without having to have the local qualifier in the actual name. 


Here is an example for one of our location in Houston: The Joint Chiropractic - Houston


At the end of the day although our business models are different, we probably share similar objectives / goals. Keeping the brand consistent across the listings was the route we elected to go and have been happy with the results thus far.


Open to hearing what others have to say on here, but hope this helps.