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Manage accounts on behalf of business owners

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I cannot provide the answers to below details required here:

1.. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Current telephone number
4. Google+ URL


Reason: Since this is not a question about one location, it is about managing all locations of the Client.


My problem:Longish writing.


Actual problem:

We have taken up Google Business Listing on behalf of a Client  who has outlets spread across the country.We planned to do Bulk verification as well.


Problem: My own Google account from where I have created & try to make the listing is  : x@y

The Google Business page says that we as agency are authorised to do the same as long as we provide proof that the client has authorised us to make the listing.

Here is the gist of the problem :

  1. We provided the email ID of our Client's i.e; the person who will complete google's authorisation process.
  2. Client's  email Id  is like this <>. *dummy= name changed :)
  3. However Listing's are linked to the Client's India website which is
  4. We wanted to do Bulk verification and understood that first step is for checking our account validity. So we sent an email marking our Client(<>)
  5. First Google Support person Ved called us and said they cannot contact our client for authorization confirmation since our clients email Domain ( differs from the website link for places (which is We provided them online proof that on the  Worldwideweb - has a Countries page which takes us to when we choose India.
  6. In my opinion this  crossreference/linking to  is redundant and it should be fine isnt it and I wrote back to Google Support.
  7. Again Google Support Ved called me and he said they cannot complete the verification or contact ( since does not have a mention that their official email IDs end with This time I asked Ved to email me so that I can ask my client to be prepared for making the website change as well as providing authorisation process to Google. I asked him to please send an email so that our client knows this info to go on website is mandated by Google :) 
  8. However instead of sending this email, Ved sent me a standard email which talks about why verification did not get through and some link to Basics of Business Listing.
  9. It would be of great help if you could clearly tell me why Google is not completing their authorisation process by contacting our client (by email).
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Re: Manage accounts on behalf of business owners

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Top Contributor

Hi @Rajani S


You will need to keep speaking to bulk management support for this.


However it may just be easier to create a new email for the client ( ) and then resubmit the account for verification.

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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