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How to prevent competitor abuse of Google Locations

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I found a competitor of a client who is abusing the 'suggested edits' feature for other companies offering the same services they do within a region. To abuse the edits, they change the business phone number for those businesses to one in their control, thus forwarding local listing calls to them, rather than the intended business.


I've noticed this now for several different businesses and locations, all pointing to the same company, indicating a pattern of fraud and abuse. 


What I can't figure out, is how to report this company for the activity to Google and / or how to setup alerts should they attempt to revert corrections made. Anyone aware of a legal reporting feature for this (the normal guided legal complaint doesn't work here) or a way to setup alerts for changes to listings (even if youre not the owner / manager of a verified listing)?

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Re: How to prevent competitor abuse of Google Locations

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Hi @Jordan B


You can deny the edits via MapMaker


There is no alert feature, unless you are the owner / manager.


If you provide me with a list of the locations, what was changed, then they can potentially blacklist the user and related tel number.


Please be as detailed as possible.



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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