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HELP!! UK business location being listed as Cyprus!!

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Having a bit of a problem with our business listing. Our business location, which is UK based is appearing on Google maps as stretching all the way to Cyprus!!! Our location is in Dormansland and i've checked the settings, they have the correct name, location and a 40 - 50km radius. I'm not sure why it's highlighting the Cyprus area :(


Especially For You Parties

5 locks meadow, dormansland, surrey, rh7 6aw

Number - 07732875244  / 01342 832 204



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Re: HELP!! UK business location being listed as Cyprus!!

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I can see there happnes somethings strange with your listing as it is shown in MapMaker as "Especially For You Parties" at a conrete street address "5 Locks Meadow, Dormansland, Lingfield RH7 6AW, UK" but converting its MapMaker URL into a GMaps URL it doesn't even show anymore the the address:


But I can't see and replicate it shows your business as a Cuprus related business.


I however know from other listings been specified as a Service Area Business and having the entire UK as Service Area this "Cyprus" matter happened.


So the one million dollar question is about your specifications in your dashboard.

Can you please provide screen grabs showingme the address and service area specifications of your listing and also please providing me the URL of the page in question as per your dashbaord?


BUt I haveto complain and ask more:


there are obviously several listings for oyur business and badly  all with the same name and phone number +44 7732 875244


listing all this weird & spammy stuff here in order to report it to Goolge as spam (row 80).


Shame on such a spammy bsuiness and his owners.




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HELP!! UK business location being listed as Cyprus!!

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have you ever been able to fix this? I am having a similar problem: delivery area defined as 'UK' includes Cyprus (I know why: military base there is a piece of sovereign British land legally speaking, unlike Gibraltar and various islands etc.)

I tried defining the area as England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (the latter has to be spelled as NorthernIreland, no space, to be recognised by Google. BUT when I tried to apply these new settings - it said "missing or incorrect data" and that's it.