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Google My Business setup for multiple location franchise - a few questions...

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 Hi - I thought this would be something that had been encountered a fair bit, but having searched around a lot I'm yet to find the answers I'm looking for so thought I'd best ask directly.

So background detail is that I work for a marketing agency and one of our clients is a franchise with a number of franchisees. We have approx 15 of the franchisees signed up to work with us. Each of the franchisee's businesses operates under their own unique business name in a different part of the country, but all sell same the same product. Further to this, each franchisee has multiple showrooms in their area.So rather than with, say a fast food restaurant like KFC, where there may be multiple locations, but all are called KFC, instead we have:

Company A - 2 x showrooms in the York area
Company B - 3 x showrooms in the Newcastle area
Company C - 2 x showrooms in the Southampton Area

etc. etc.

We're looking at managing Google My Business accounts for each of the franchisees, So my questions are:

1. Should all franchisee showrooms be registered under the same Google account, or should I keep Company A's in one account, company B's in another etc. etc.

2. Should I be registering all showrooms for each franchisee - or just pick the biggest showroom for each and register that one?

3. Whether or not the Google listings have been claimed is all over the place - some have been claimed, some have been claimed but nobody knows the logins, some haven't been claimed at all etc. - so I don't really want to go down the route of working this out for each and trying to transfer ownership. I'd rather just start afresh, pretend that none have ever been claimed and try and re-verify each one. Is this possible and if so, are there any pitfalls in doing this?


Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

Kind regards, Harry

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Google My Business setup for multiple location franchise - a few questions...

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Hi Harry,


For account management, you may want to look into using business accounts — they're complicated and annoying to set up, but once done, I think the sharing of listings through the accounts gets easier (if that's what you need to do). 




For the locations, you'll want to list and verify every single physical location — all the showrooms. 


For accounts, if you individually verify (via phone, postcard, etc...), you may keep them all in a single account. 


If you're looking to bulk verify, you'll want to make sure that every location within the account has the same domain (the definition of "chain" in Google's view). It isn't clear to me that company A, B, or C are running on the same domain. If they are, you could drop them into the same account to bulk verify


If they aren't on the same domain, but company A has 10 or more locations, you can still use bulk verification for company A. They will need to be in a separate account than company B or C that has different domains. 


I'm curious what you consider a "franchisee". Are they selling only a single product, or is the product they sell merely part of a product line where they might sell other things? 


Finally, there's a risk that if you bulk verify, and Google thinks one of the listings is spam, they could unverify the account, thus unverifying all the listings in a single account. This doesn't typically happen with individual verifications (but can). If the locations are clearly visible on street view, there's probably little risk of this, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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Google My Business setup for multiple location franchise - a few questions...

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Is there any freelancer out there that would want to get this work done for us?  We just started offering franchises, so small enough to clean it up and get it right! is the website.