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1. Inspired UM media agency

2. Šaltinių g. 12, Vilnius

3. Personal one





I am writing about the issue with our client‘s Google My Business Account. We added locations (all in all, 23 locations from which 16 locations were published and 7 have pending review). 


When in language settings we choose English (United Kingdom) as a default language in Google Search engine we see the following result (1 picture).




When we click ,,More places“, on the left side we see at least ten locations, but on the right side we see the map of whole world (2 picture).


If we make Lithuanian language as a default language, we can see that in Google Search we have only one location (which is also the main quarter of this company) (3 picture). 


We want all locations to be displayed on Google Search despite of the language. For example like this (4 picture).


I was reading a lot about these issues, but can‘t find the solution. Can it be somehow connected with our ads in Google Adwords Platform or maybe we have to wait until all 23 locations will be confirmed?


I am really looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,