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Google Business multiple locations process

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Dear forum users,


A big company I work for wants to set up separate Google Maps locations for all its establishments (1500 approximately), for SEO purposes. The only problem is that I'm not sure if it is possible. The establishments are actually more sort of service points within other companies (like a postal service point within a supermarket, for example). I can see that other companies have succeeded in my country (the Netherlands), such as PostNL.


Can this be done by Google, despite the fact that other companies are already in the specified locations, or is it very difficult? If yes, how?


Furthermore I have some additional questions:


1. Which data should be delivered to Google? I get mixed responds that I should require either a unique email or a unique phone number.
2. How does the bulk verification process work?
3. How long will the verification take?
4. Are there any other things I should be taking into consideration or be aware of?

Any and all help is appreciated!



Google Business multiple locations process

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Hi @Milan S


Yes, it is possible but you will most likely run into issues and need to get Google on the phone to clear up the verification of the listings. 


I have experience in verifying Bike kiosks and many other categories of businesses. What you need to be aware of is that the customer must be able to interact with a representative of the business when they arrive to the destination. 


We were able to have this approved for the bike kiosks since you can call a representative right from the kiosk and get assistance.


In order for me to help you further, can you give me an example of what kind of business it is?


Best practices for bulk verification is to claim the listings with an email that is from your company.


If you really get into a pickle, I can assist you with the bulk upload. I'm a Google Specialist and Official City partner and guidelines insist that no one ever charge for verifying locations - although many bad actors do.


Try the bulk upload instructions here: 


Depending on how you structure the bulk upload, that will control the time it takes. With your situation it can get cumbersome if it is not structured correctly.


Let me know how it goes!


Eric Lesperance Chief Strategy Officer |

Google Business multiple locations process

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Big +1 on Eric's response. it's possible, just needs to be a bit more attention than the average full brick and mortar account. 


Given your scale, you can also expect to have needs around rolled up reporting, listing update management and review and Posts management. Would suggest either an agency or platform partner to help you, otherwise the full SEO opportunity you have will never be fully realized!


Good luck and may the force be with you :)


Eoghan Geoghegan VP of Partnerships | MomentFeed