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Following up on a bulk location verification after a month and not live yet

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Hi all,


Just a quick question for the community on the timings of authorization for bulk verification.


We requested verification of our business listings over a month ago, we have had some legitimate issues with some of the locations submitted but have also had some come back over that don't have any grounding in the google my business guidelines and seem a little over the top.


Have had some issues getting our assigned team to call or emails back at the requested times, just wondered if anyone had experienced the same sort of thing or if it generally took this long?


I can appreciate that it can't be the fastest process but over a month of delay seems like quite a long time.



Re: Following up on a bulk location verification after a month and not live yet

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Hi @Rory D


Unfortunately this does take time and you are not out of the norm. Missed phone calls and informing locations to be on the lookout for a call from Google can turn into quite a nightmare.


Are these Service Area Businesses (SABs) that you are trying to verify?


The best advice I can give you is to stay on top of verifying the locations and check off the ones that get verified, and call support if you have location specific issues, (if you feel that they have good standing to be verified). Sometimes they will be able to push the verification through with a little pressure.


If you are in need of advanced troubleshooting, my company specializes in this and we are a Google Partner and have navigated these issues before for large multi location groups. I won't charge you or anything to help guide you in the right direction, I'm here to help the community. Feel free to email me at

Following up on a bulk location verification after a month and not live yet

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Hi Eric,


Thanks for the reply.

It is good to hear that these issues are not specific to our business, even if they are frustrating.


No, however we have had quite an issue with Google trying to prove this. Eventually when we offered to provide lease agreements as well as the standard picture verification they do seem to accept we are not a service area business.


With a touch of frustration I actually contacted the Googlemybusiness twitter handle. Though I did not receive a response to my direct message I did have a call at an in business hours time that makes me believe they may have been in touch with the team working on our listing.

High hopes this should lead to verification before the end of the week!