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Duplicate Status

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Full Business Name: Center for Primary Care

Business Address (with Duplicate Status issue): 1701 Magnolia Way, SUITE 101, Augusta, GA 30909

My Telephone #: 706-922-8231

Google+ URL:


I have a Corporate Google Business page that includes all of our office locations. I'm having trouble getting one of my locations verified after numerous attempts. This location has a SUITE # (101), so Google is denying because this address already exists for another location that has another SUITE # (102). Both locations are visible on our website, showing they are different locations....but it still keeps getting denied.

To view, go to , view locations, it is CPC-CROSSROADS that I cannot get verified because it keeps saying it is a duplicate and CPC-IMAGING is verified. You can also visit them individually at: and

How else can I fix this problem because I need both locations, hours, phone numbers, etc listed? 


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Duplicate Status

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@ashley t


sorry but a second suite number at a certain address doen't count as a second address.

GMaps and MapMaker doesn't even recognize an suite number as part of an address (identifying a second addres)


This said and since there is already a listing with the specification "1701 Magnolia Way #102, Augusta, GA 30909" you can't have an other listing at the same street address "1701 Magnolia Way , Augusta, GA 30909" with an other suite number.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Duplicate Status

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Thanks. I appreciate the timely response. But what about the other
businesses (not apart of CPC) that are located in the Suites upstairs? Does
that mean that they cannot be on Google as well? There are three more
businesses upstairs with Suite #'s that begin with the 200's.
So, what would my solution be? Chose which office I want listed via Google
and delete the other and not have the other listed on Google?

*Ashley Thomas*

*Director of Marketing*
p: *(706) 922-8231*
f: (706) 650-9504 <%28706%29%20495-4859>

*Center for Primary Care*

CPC has been caring for families of the CSRA since 1993. CPC provides
patients of every age with the most convenient, accessible, and personal
healthcare available.

36 primary care physicians | 9 locations | onsite imaging and lab services
| office hours that include weekday evenings and weekend acute care

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Duplicate Status

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yest this is my experience @ashley t


having businesses at the same street address (regardless waht suite numbers or floors or what ever specifications in the same building or even the same ground with the same street address and ahving very similar names  will have heavily issues to get accepted by Google - their algos will likely consider them as duplicates)


You can have a lawyer "X"  and a dentist "Y" at a certain street address with or without a suite number

But having several "CenterForPrimaryCare" at the same address will trigger their algos to gather and block dupes.


But having 

But having  

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile