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Deleting Reviews from past businesses

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Dr. Gina Dental

1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 125E

Marietta, Georgia 30068

(678) 757-4462


Here is my problem.  This business was formerly Creative Dentistry and I bought into the business in March after a wonderful dental experience.  We rebranded the business as Dr. Gina Dental and have plans of expanding throughout the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia.  The former owner hired for help with SEO.  Since there was 3 month left on the contract with them, I agreed with the Dr. to continue the contract.  I notified Edumball Marketing that I bought the business and rebranded it under a new name.  I gave them the new Google Places Business Page and New Phone number.  I gave them manager access to the new page.  They said that they would delete the old page and fix the business citations with the new page. 


A few days later, I checked up on them and discovered that they took the old Google Places Business page for Creative Dentistry, with the bad reviews, and put my new brand, Dr. Gina Dental on their listing.  I blew a gasket.  I called them and they said that they would fix it and do as previously instructed.  They did not.  They merged the listings and now they are telling me that Google did this not them.  They said that google merges pages and moves the reviews over for any business at the same address.


I call B.S. on that because millions of businesses rent spaces where other businesses once occupied the same space and Google does not move the reviews over.  They are standing behind their ridiculous statements. 


Again, I did not buy the Creative Dentistry business as a stock purchase, I bought the assets and have a NEW BRAND, MORE DENTISTS, MORE MARKETING, etc..  We have spent $10k in new marketing and has completely ruined this.  Potential clients will see these unfavorable reviews and think it is my new business.....I am devastated.


Can anyone offer any comments that can help me get the reviews that DO NOT apply to my NEW Business.