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Customers calling the wrong store

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Meteor Office Products Depot (Wanganui)

27 Ridgway Street, Wanganui, New Zealand

06 349 2622,175.0550923,1...


Hi Google.


We are part of a group of stores, each interdependently owned.

 see list of stores:


when customers all over NZ google "Office Products" or "OPD"

Meteor OPD often comes up first, (or in the details to the right side our phone number and email address)


this results in customers emailing or phoning our store, but we can not help them as we dont have access to their information and we have to establish what store they need then get them to contact them.


to avoid this happening, can we somehow direct them to the list of stores on the page and direct them to their local store? 

or by geolocation find the nearest store?