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Business information constantly edited when the listings are originally correct

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I have personally been monitoring our listings for some time now and am finding that out of the blue, categories, phone numbers and other information is constantly being updated to direct to a 3rd party number that dials an addiction treatment line from Florida or elsewhere. We are in the Midwest and have not changed any of our information. What is going on and why is our information consistently being updated with incorrect or fraudulent information? I understand the automated systems in place but there has got to be a way to prevent outside sources other than myself from editing this information. 

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Re: Business information constantly edited when the listings are originally correct

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Hi @Edgar J


Unfortunately there's currently nothing that can be done to ensure the information on your listings will not be edited by others. Addiction treatment center listings are under constant attack from spammers. There are some inpatient treatment centers, and mainly people selling leads to these treatment centers, that are creating a large number of fake listings and hijacking legit listings by changing their phone numbers to their own. Listings, whether they're claimed or not, can potentially be edited by people using "suggest an edit".


You are going to have to watch your listings like a hawk. In fact, I checked several and at least 5 of your listings have pending phone edits right now: Boonville, Grapevine, Norton, Omaha and O'Neill. View those listings on your phone and you'll see the suggestion to the phone number. The Omaha suggestion may be correct but the others look like spam. You can mark them as incorrect while viewing them on your phone. Doing so may or may not make the edit suggestion go away. Ask others to view the listings on their phone and mark the suggestions as incorrect as well. Yes this is a little crazy. No it's not fair. Unfortunately that's the way it is right now.


Double check all of your listings, let me know which ones have fraudulent pending edits and I will also mark the them as incorrect to try to get them get rejected.

TomW, Google My Business Top Contributor
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