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Bulk Verification for 2000+ Stores

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Hi all,


Hoping someone may be able to help out with one or two of the below questions / issues we've been having lately.  All input greatly appreciated!


We are currently trying to get 2000+ store locations bulk verified for a large convenience store brand in the UK.


I've had a few different issues which I will outline below.


First Issue

I carried out the bulk upload 2 weeks ago, and 1,100 of the stores uploaded wihtout any error message. I then requested all of tehse to be bulk verified.


I logged in today to see the status on these and found that roughly 500 of these said there was "Matches Found" - and that I needed to "Confirm Location"


To confirm the location for all of these the only option I have is to do this manually. This then means that all the individual stroes get sent a card, or phone call to verify them.


I was told that any duplicates would simply need to be transferred over to our ownership - does anyone know what the process if for this?


Issue 2

Out of the 1,100 uploaded wihtout issue, 500 of these returned "matches found", however, the remaining 600, are showing that I need to get tehm verified still.


These were allo selected under teh original submission I made - why would they now be saying to get verified again?


It does not allow me to submit these by bulk this time - does this mean that Google are still working their way through it all? or is it that something went wrong wiht the initial submission?


Should I jut ignore the business listings interface until I get confimration about the verification?


Issue 3

Out of the original document I uploaded (2000+) 1,100 were uploaded wihtout isue and submitted for verification.


There were 1,300 that were not able to be submitted and saved - they all returned the below error.


Country: We cannot locate the specified address. Please verify it is correct and/or drag the marker pin on the provided map to the correct location.


This is across 1,300 and there is no obvius reason for this error - has anyone insights to this, I'm guessing I have to troubleshoot all these issues, but want to avoid having to go through individual verifications.


Any help or advice on these would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks!

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Re: Bulk Verification for 2000+ Stores

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Hi @Brendan A


Hopefully someone with bulk upload experience can jump in.  Until then there are some new updates that may apply to your location verification issue.



Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Bulk Verification for 2000+ Stores

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Thanks Tim - helped with the "Matches Found" issue

I've been working through the third issue, and it looks like when a lot of these were entered, there was spelling mistakes, and other small factors which has thrown Google off. Most likely means we will be working through this systematically to correct them.

Would anyone be able to give me more context on how exactly a bulk list is verified? Doe sit still involve contacting the individual locations?