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Both my businesses are not showing up on google

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Hi everyone 


Recently we opened another location. Now the problem i am having is... Before we opened our new location when someone typed in 'Case World' or 'Case World Surrey" my original location would show up. Now the problem i am having is when someone types in either of those words into the old location is disappeared and only the new location shows up. , the only way you can find it now is if you type in 'Case World 8809 128th st Surrey B.C V3V5M6' otherwise this location cannot be found. PLEASE HELP THIS IS REALLY AFFECTING MY BUSINESS! How can i make both businesses show up With Location A  & Location B with a map showing up at the top! PLEASE HELP !!!!!!



Also my original location has over 40000 views and 15 reviews , where my new location only has 200 views and 0 reviews. why is the old location getting deleted. i have tried everything but nothing seems to work.

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Re: Both my businesses are not showing up on google

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@Jastinder S

Regarding your topic "Both my businesses are not showing up on google":

I can't confirm this.


searching with for "case world near surrey

 I get the location at address: 8809 128 St, Surrey, BC V3V 5M6

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 21.41.26.png


and searching  for "case world surrey"

I get the other location:

Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 21.48.21.png





Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Both my businesses are not showing up on google

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Hi Helmut
thanks for your reply

i think it shows up like that because your not in the same state as us. we have had many customers who have came to our store and have said that the location is not showng up on google. So we deciceded to clear our cookies on our computer and give it a try. and what they are saying is correct

Also maybe you might know the answer to this .

when you type this into sally beauty supply surrey. it shows all there locations As Location A , Location B , Location C. And a map on top showing them. how can i make my locations show up the same as this . so when somebody does type in case world surrey or case world they show up together.

Re: Both my businesses are not showing up on google

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i would like my both my locations to show up either way , if a customer types "CASE WORLD" CASE WORLD SURREY" CASEWORLD" ETC ETC