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Appalling service from Google business

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I'm currently very frustrated with google my business service rep 'sourav' who I spoke to on the phone & he decided to hang up!!


I work for a hotel chain and we have various 'google my business' listings with separate logins. I want to consolidate all of these under one account and for that account to give email addresses specific access to each business listing. 


My first phone call to google was last month during which I was told that in order to proceed, I required email confirmation for each location. Once I collected all of the email confirmations, I was told to send this to and these would all be moved over. However the email came back with an automated response:


"Oops! Looks like you're trying to contact the Google My Business Team (formerly Google Places), but unfortunately your message will not reach us this way."


I had to phone google again to ask how to send these via email. It was at this point I dealt with Sourav who had great difficulty understanding what I wanted to do. Eventually he sent an email to me so that I could respond with the email confirmations. He responded later that day with a template standard response which started:


"Hello {Name},


Thank you for contacting Google My Business Support. I have unverified the page now & you can successfully claim it" 


This standard template response didn't mention that he's confirmed all accounts have been transferred over. I had to send another email to ask if this has been actioned for all requested accounts and also if he can confirm that I can assign separate email addresses to manage each account. No response to my email. 


Today I sent another email saying that I'm frustrated that I haven't received a response. A couple of hours later I received a phone call telling me that in order to transfer all accounts, I need to make separate phone calls for each. It was at this point I asked to speak to his manager and he hung up. 


Shambolic service and worst of it, I still don't have it resolved!


I'd be grateful if someone from Google can help me. 

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Re: Appalling service from Google business

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Community Manager

Hi @Darroch F,


I'm sorry to hear about the experience you had, and would like to investigate what happened. Did you happen to get a case number when you spoke to the rep? Please let me know and I can research further.


Additionally, please don't hesitate to let us know here if you still need help, and I will try my best to resolve your issue!




Re: Appalling service from Google business

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HI @ElizabethP, thanks for your response. I talked to another rep via chat who was very helpful and resolved me query. I also received a phone call from the floor supervisor in relation to the rep above who is now being investigated.


Re: Appalling service from Google business

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Community Manager
Wonderful, really glad to hear that this is being investigated and resolved for you! Do let me know if you need further help.