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Add/Change Manager of GMB Listings in Bulk?

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 Hi, all - 


Just began working on an account with 90+ locations, and am having a bit of trouble getting bulk manager access to all the different listings.


It seems that the recommended course of action is to transfer all the listings to a business account, then simply add a new manager for that business account - correct?


Oddly, when I go to the 'Create Business Account' menu, it appears I already have a business account (see out-of-focus account below):Screenshot 2017-07-28 15.59.36.pngBut when I double-click into that supposed business account, I find myself right back where I started - on the "Account Summary" page with a list of locations:


Screenshot 2017-07-28 16.59.15.png


On this page the instructions for how to add a new manager in the link above don't work, because there is no "three dot menu" to be found on the page for the entire account. In fact, in the GMB interface, I can't find that business account listed anywhere, except when I go to the "Create new business account" link in the side nav. And from there, there's only a link that says "Manage" (see 1st screenshot above) - no three-dot menu to add additional users.


Can anyone shed some light on what's going on? I'm certain I must be missing something, but just can't seem to find it. Am I not in a business account, but for some reason it's showing me as having one? Is there a way to give a user access to all my locations?


Thanks for anything you can tell me.