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Account suspended

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We have an account we manage that has been placed on suspension.

The reinstate form has been submitted twice. No call back has been made.

This was a verified listing. Someone did create a duplicate by accident but it was removed. We have no other info on why this was taken down and we're anxious to have it reinstated. 

account is for

Scarborough Garage Doors
No phone calls regarding this right now please
Maps link is the issue. Its no longer ON the map! We need to have it reinstated.



Address is correct. Business number is correct. Photo of business is correct. 


Any ideas?

Account suspended

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A#   basic information (exactly as speciified  in your  dashboard)

  1. Scarboro Garage Doors
  2. 1365 Morningside Avenue, Unit 12 Scarborough, ON 


B#  any kind of an official government issued business license


Store code is GDG03

C# Address is store front and service area. 


To escalate it through our TC channels we further need

D#  04/24/17


E# no response on appeal. note we are an agency handling this account. 

We would like to know why it was suspended and how to correct this and get it placed back on the map and local listings. 

Good luck