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wrong statistic, too much money

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Last month I tried youtube promote system to promote a video for a campaign which was a part of my assignment.


I paid 50 pounds, but I got email says the video cant be approved. then I just gave up and did not look at adwords.

Today I checked my bank transactions, I saw that google charged me 600 pounds plus gonna charge me more 350 pounds.


First of all , I did not say charge me automatically.

secondly, I did not get an email says that " the campaign is approved" , just like they sent when it was not approved. ( how would I know that the campaign started then? ) 

and it still says that it is not approved


thirdly, when I check the campaign on google adwords, it seems promoted video got 76.000 views and cost that money.

but the video has 3.000 views and all of them were bought from .. ( i can prove )



So  now, what is wrong with this? as a student , I cant cover this 1000 pounds that was charged by google. 



I want all my money back. And I believe that nothing is my fault. .. those evidences show clearly that I need my money back.



any idea what to do ?

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Re: wrong statistic, too much money

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Hi Mate,


Have you tried contacting Adwords Support for your issue..? If not please go through the link given below and address your issue.


Hope this Helps!


Azeem Shaikh

Azeem Shaikh
SEM Freelancer & Consultant.
Adwords & Bing Ads Certified Individual.

Re: wrong statistic, too much money

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thanks mate,


I am waiting for tomorrow to call them but I 've already sent them emails.


What do you guys reckon about the situation? Do you believe that I have the right to request refund? 

Re: wrong statistic, too much money

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Top Contributor

Hi crafterabi, unfortunately there's nothing anyone in this forum can do in this situation.  You'll need to speak directly to AdWords support who can look at your Account and work out what has happened.



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Re: wrong statistic, too much money

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Thanks Cobnut,


I 've already been contacting but it seems there is no way to fix this mistake. I see it as a mistake as I did not even look at the campaign, and the video that I promoted is a silly video for my assignment.. All I wanted to do was write about the youtube promoted system and google adwords in my assignment as it was about creating online campaign.. 


at the end I lost about 1.000 sterlin.. it s a big money for a student to pay this money for nothing.



I believe that Google should understand this situation. Paying automatically was not something I would like to do ..



The reason that I wrote this here to get ideas.. To see what people would think about this.. do they think that this could be considered as a mistake and would they think that I have the the right to ask for my money..