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would you give more infos about payment method

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i would like to start using Google adwords i was using  t, but it was the oldest version ^ when you don't  need to use visa card to activate coupons^  2012, my knowledge is little old need  update,  i need info about payment method im from morocco do i have to use our local card ^ mad currency ^ or international card  , can support usd but it s limited to 1 k usd per year would you assist me,pls and i need to to know how do you charge campaign   ex 50 usd per day do you well charge that amount every day or every cent i spent on campaign

i apology if you don't want to answer just give me article i l check them thanks 

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Re: would you give more infos about payment method

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Here are the Help Desk References:
Choose a payment method

Which includes, Credit cards, and Bank Drafts.

Here is the help desk info for all things with Billing

Basically Google determines your spend levels and bills you each time you reach that spend limit or 30 days have passed. In the beginning the spend limits before charging your Credit card or bank draft are rather low, but in time those limits increase based on your spend habits.

For example you may be charged initially each time your reach $50 in spend or 30 days have occurred, then Google will bump that level to say every $150 in spend your payment method will be billed, ( or 30 days have occurred) and can rise from there. I have accounts that bill every $1500 is reached or ( 30 days)

So depending on your spend ( or how much budget is used daily) will determine how often the payment method is it. In my example of my 1500 billed client, google hits that card every 2 days ( spends about 30K a month)