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why does Google dont bill my credit card on the same day every month,

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My actual billing date is the least thats when they charged my card last month, not sure why Google decides to charge my card on a different day each time, its so frustrating the way their billing works

Re: why does Google dont bill my credit card on the same day every mon

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Hi William,


Google don't have set billing dates for your bills, they use certain billing thresholds which increase as you spend more with them.


You can read up on the billing thresholds here


About billing thresholds:

When you create and activate your Google AdWords account, your initial billing threshold is set at US$50. The billing threshold is raised in increments each time your account cost hits the threshold before 30 days have ended. The initial billing threshold of US$50 is first raised to US$200, then to US$350, and then to the final amount of US$500. The amount billed may be slightly in excess of the threshold if the account accrues costs very quickly.