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why am I paying for more clicks than I receive?

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Why am I paying for more clicks than I receive - especially INVALID clicks?  I keep receiving clicks from Boca Raton, Dallas and a few other places for "improve communication" and this is after I ceased advertising this phrase/keyword.  I tried blocking Boca Raton but the clicks keep coming with 100% bounce rates.

Would greatly appreciate help in this matter.

Re: why am I paying for more clicks than I receive?

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1. Check your Keyword Search Terms and see which specific keyword triggering this Search Query. Either Pause that specific Keyword or you may want to choose better Match Type (Exact or Phrase or introduce Broad Match Modifier)
Check this link below if you are not sure about Search Term review.

2. Regarding ads appearing in specific location "Boca Raton", you need to review your Location Options (Advanced) from your Campaign Settings. Choose the better option for your Target and Exclude Options.

You may get better idea from these example

or you may refer here

You said with 100% bounce rate. Are you looking at the Google Analytics Report or Google Adwords Report? If you are looking at Google Analytics Report, it will also show Organic Search Results.