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what is the average cost of an adword?

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I am a travel agent and was interested to learn more about advords for my website.  I have no idea what the cost will be

for a "click".  Can anyone help me since I am retired and looking for additional income, so I felt the travel industry might be an area of interest.


my email address: [removed by Moderator to protect privacy]

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Re: what is the average cost of an adword?

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Hi kalacher888 and welcome to the forum.


Unfortunately it's almost impossible to answer questions about potential costs with Adwords; it's rather like asking "how much does a holiday cost"?  In fact it's even worse than that because I'm sure you could ask me a few questions and get to a rough cost pretty quickly, with Adwords I'd have to ask you a lot of questions and then my answer would still be very approximate.


Part of the reason for this difficulty is that no two accounts are the same - even if they're advertising the same sort of product to the same sort of people.  Costs with Adwords are not fixed; it's not $2 per click for shoes, $5 per click for cameras, etc.  Costs are linked to advertiser competition, your website, your performance (both current and historical) and other factors.  Costs are even influenced by how other people performed when advertising similar products.


There are tools you can use online that can give you an idea about costs, but in honesty I don't like to send clients to such tools, I prefer to think a different way.


In almost all cases, effective advertising means getting a positive return on your investment in that advertising, what we call the ROI (Return on Investment).  Normally this means cold hard Net Profit, but it doesn't have to be, it can be leads, contacts, sign ups to a newsletter, whatever.  When it's profit, you can easily say that an Adwords campaign is effective when the income from that campaign exceeds the outlay in terms of payments for the advertising (net).  So I usually like to steer clients down the road of thinking in terms of objectives and ensuring they get a positive ROI rather than simply looking at some figures for click costs.


So, my advice at this stage would really be to sit down and think about what you want to achieve.  Once you can describe that to us we'll help you reach it.


I should add I'd recommend you edit your original post and remove your email address.  This is a public forum and the messages posted here are (very quickly) indexed by Google.  Unless you want half the planet to know your private email address, I'd edit it out!



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