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what does it take to get an answer around here?

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im fixing to get my lawyer involved. It seems y'all are too high and mighty ti answer a lowly customer. Like i said previously i signed up with my BoA credit card. y'all charged $1 to it for god knows why. Then i put in the coupon godaddy gave us and y'all put up some red notice the account is suspended because billing cant be verified. As far as im concerned thats theft of $101 since nobody did as much as reach for the phone and call me to verify my information. I tried calling and the phone system wont let me through because the account is suspended. I emailed and got some generic response "sorry your having trouble" then 5 minutes later "your account is suspended because we cant verify billing". I already know that! Is there even a human wirh half a brain that works at this company. The way you treat your clients is shamefull.

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Re: what does it take to get an answer around here?

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I've forwarded this to a specialist for you. 


FYI - We're not Google employees, we're all volunteers here...advertisers, just like you. 


Threats don't help anything.



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