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wanto to use adwords since 5 years but cant no payment option

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I have been wishing to use adwords for marketing my products for over 5 years

 i dont have a credit card, i never wil have one because i live in Thailand and they dont issue credit cards to Non Immigrant retirees. However i own an online store and am an ebook author who earns up to 20,000$ a month

I would have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years with adwords but cannot because i only use thai debit cards (cant add to google they dont get accepted) and paypal

Your loss google

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Re: wanto to use adwords since 5 years but cant no payment option

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Hi @Sak Y;

AdWords payments options have changed throughout  the years;

This payment methods finder shows that a debit card (with a MasterCard or a VSA logo) is a valid payment option in Thailand;

So it looks that you can now launch a campaign.....


My Tip:  I would recommend learning AdWords before launching a campaign, and reviewing the AdWords  Policy to verify that the site complies with the Policy.

Good luck;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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