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unsuspend my google adwords account

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Hi ,

i made about 10 google adwords account about 8 of them has balance on me i contacted the adwords team and i paid all of them then i cancelled all the adwords accounts and keep just one adwords account as i don't want to repeat the same mistake . is there a chance to get back and unsuspend my account and what should i do.

and how much will take to know that i paid all the accounts.


many thanks

Mohamed Ramadan 


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Re: unsuspend my google adwords account

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Hi @mohamed r,


I know it's not something that you would like to hear, but I don't think there's any chance of getting the account reinstated. You violated AdWords policy severely, the aftermath was bound to be what it is now. 


I am afraid that any future account that you would create would face the same music. You should better look for alternative marketing strategy, as you may no more be allowed to use AdWords any more.


All the best! 


Ratan Jha

Re: unsuspend my google adwords account

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Thank you @Ratan-Jha for reply

But i know that adwords allow to make several accounts (MCC) . all this accounts not for the same website i have about 7 websites and some of them for my clients not for me . and i paid the money when adwords team contact me because late in paying but i don't plan to take this money and go away and i paid it all .

You know almost of us don't read the policy agreement .

I hope that adwords team help me in that as i don't mean to make big hurt and i need to start over and google suppose to encourage the advertiser who want to pay .

You know almost of us not expert in google adwords but this case learn me alot and in the next time i will consider that before create adwords accounts


And i want to create prepaid adwords account i mean i will pay for my ads first .This was working good with me until i made credit adword account and then The accumulation of debt .

Thank you so much

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Re: unsuspend my google adwords account

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Thanks for google Adwords team ,


Google unsuspend my account after i paid all the balance and i can now show my ads again .


For any one may face the same problem here is what i did :

  1. Pay the balance for all your accounts 
  2. Send your payment proof for every account you did  to google Adowrds team attached with your visa bank statement 
  3. Every account in single document sheet .
  4. Be patient.
  5. if you lost login for any of your Adowrds accounts you can get your login information by fill a form  here 
  6. you can cancel google Adwords account after paying your balance  but don't cancel the the whole google account as you may need to login to see some information and google delete all information after several days from you cancellation.
  7. cancel all google adwords accounts and keep just one adword account and for several accounts you can have MCC account 


Thank you