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unauthorised Credit Card Charges

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Two months in a row, i had minor amounts taken out of my credit card from Singapore.


I do not have any google adword or wallet account. After googling it online, it appears to be a scam. My credit card company suggest that i cancel the card.


Is this someone pretending to be google or rogue contractor of google?  Does anyone know an appropriate contact at Google?




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Re: unauthorised Credit Card Charges

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Hello and welcome,


I would strongly encourage you to call the Adwords support in this serious issue. I believe you are in Singapore. Dial 18005218590 Mon. to Friday 9AM to 6PM to report this.


If you are located in other part of the world, look for this reference and find your respective number to call Adwords support.


Hope that helps!


Re: unauthorised Credit Card Charges

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Its useless. I am in Australia and have called the Australian 1800 number on the Adword support.


They give you three options:

1. to be diverted to an extension that you know

2. for current client with ID

3. new client


I tried option 3. On the first attempt, the line just dropped off when option 3 is selected!! On the 2nd attempt, i got through to someone and after explaining the situation, he said he will have to transfer me to someone in Australia (even though i am calling the Australian 1800 number). I was then diverted back to the 1,2,3 option before again........................


So i called the Google Australian reception number found on yellowpages, the lady said all support are online and and directed me to She is unable to assist further. This basically takes me back to the 1800 number above.


I reckon there is some sort of scam here and Google knows about it but is condoning it. I think the best way is to lodge a complaint with the ACCC.