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top up adwords and it had 2 clicks,but no phone call? click fraud?

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hi i topped up my adwords lastnight as it had run out of funds, im a locksmith by the way soon as i pressed the amount it had 2 clicks on it i started with 20.00 and now have 1743, i didnt have a call, didnt miss a call and it was late when i put cash on so it aint someone just browsing.


i think its click fraud, ive stop using adwords for a while as im getting clicks and no calls,people dont click on me and think no il try anther one as im an emergency locksmith with no call out charge so why try another until you get a price, please shed some light on this, many thanks tony.

Re: top up adwords and it had 2 clicks,but no phone call? click fraud?

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Hi Tony
Welcome to Adwords community.

Here are some questions and suggestions

  1. Are you running search campaign or display?
  2. If you are running search only then have you targetted right keywords? Please check your search query report to make sure your ads are triggering on search queries which match your service
  3. Are you sure you are targetting your area? As immergency service if you are targetting outside you area people will look for some one closer.
  4. Please check in your campaign settings under Location options (advanced), have you selected "People in my targeted location"
  5. I doubt if you are running display as its not really suitable to immergency service but just making sure.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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