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subdomains and adwords accounts

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Hi all,

Just wanted to know if I can set up individual adwords accounts for subdomains. For example we will be setting up subdomains for:




We hope that we can have individual adwords accounts for each subdomain that will be owned by our clients. We want them pay Google directly and have the ability of running reports for the subdomain they will be utilising.

Thanks for your help,


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Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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Yes, but it looks shady and if Google has any reason to believe that you are doing something shady Google will shut you down and ban your accounts pretty quickly.


After all, there really is no reason why a business advertising on Google AdWords can not afford a domain name.

Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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If your clients are different business entities they should have their own AdWords-account. If they happen to have their website as a subdomain of the same domain, that should not be an issue.
You setup sounds okay.



Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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Hi Shane,


Just to clarify onething that Adwords allow one business - one account model. So you create multiple domains/sub domains for the same business, but there has to be a single Adwords account for that, otherwise the consequences can be account suspension violating the Double Serving Policy.




That's my understanding!


Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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I get confused about the difference between what is or isn't a subdomain...


http://www.google.com/adwords - Would be a subdomain of http://www.google.com, right?


http://adwords.blogspot.com/ - Is a seperate unique domain, correct?


If google was using the same KW's / targeting to advertisie both domains, and owned both properties, then that could be a double serving violation. As long as at least two of the other criteria are met (products, services, brand, etc.) But, if google wanted to have an adwords account for both properties, or subdomains - as long is there's no overlap - that would be OK right?


In your case, which account would trigger an ad for the KW term 'widgets'? Are you sure you know? Are you using only exact match terms, with Do not include close variants selected as a campaign setting?


Unless you are targeting seperate languages, countries, devices, or some clear distinction in the campaign settings where there could be no overlap - for multiple properties, or subdomains - the risk of double serving would seem to outweigh the benefits of clearer reporting data... Whether you could create a new accont for each subdomain or not, or whether the secondary property is a subdomain, or a seperate property.



Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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Hi Tom, it's the other way around... http://adwords.blogspot.com/ is a subdomain, the other is just a folder hierachy.


@Shane73, to clarfiy...  If you want to allow different companies to run websites on your subdomains, obviously you can but you should have them create the Adwords account themselves and "own" it as their own.  This is not only good practice from a management point of view but also avoids the issue of Double-Serving since each account would be owned by a separate company, presumably promoting different products and using different keywords.


If you "opened" all the accounts yourself you may be able to operate them under an MCC on the basis that you're a manager for the company that eventually takes up the subdomain, but it would still be better for that company to open and own the Account themselves from a business practices point of view.



Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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One point I would add to this discussion is to think of the user experience. 


If I google something and I find three ads leading to websites offering the same service and that are identical/ very similar  - I'm going to consider it a poor experience. I won't become your customer and I won't be very happy with Google. This is the rational behind the double serving policy. 


If you are advertising three very different products/ services then they should never be serving for the same keywords and it would be ok to have three different accounts becuase I would only be seeing one ad per serach result. In this case though, three campaigns would be a far more managable approach. 


Be sure and familairise yourself with the double serving policy


Re: subdomains and adwords accounts

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It's not as simple as you make it sound. I own a franchise and so this whole double serving policy is really hurting us with AdWords. We have one AdWords account for corporate and franchise stores but are targeting completely different areas. I understand not wanting to see two ads show up for the same company but proper targeting is a pretty simple way of avoiding that. I should be able to target customers in my area for iPhone repairs even if a sister store is advertising the same repair 20 miles away from me
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