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setting up billing via invoice

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Our company has a long-standing relationship with Google (University, using multiple services, including email). Through a third-pary, we initiatied AdWords campaigns last year, and that third-party also managed AdWords billing.


We now want to bring management and billing in-house, and set up billing via invoice. We meet the invoice billing criteria for monthly spend and time in existence, but we do not yet have 12 months of payment history (we'll meet that requirement in July).


Given our company's long-standing relationship with Google, and long-time existence (established in 1892), is there any way to obtain invoice billing prior to July 2013? 


Thanks, Greg

Re: setting up billing via invoice

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Hi Greg,


To establish or to change the billing to invoicing, you would need a Google rep's intervention. What you can do is call up AdWords Help (based onn your location) and they can guide you with the steps for the same or you can approach your Google rep directly.


Here is a list contact numbers. Keep you customer ID ready before you hop on the call. Hope this sorts our everything.

- Neeti Ghildiyal
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